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Adrian is the new freshmen transfer student. His sudden appearance at the school upset Angel's finals schedule and caused a little trouble on the floor.
He's taken an interest in Mel and she in him. He's a good guy and never really tries to get in trouble...but trouble seems to find him first. He's roommates with Tovi and Rance and now knows why Angel isn't with Zache anymore.
Birthday: April 10
Age: 18
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Blonde

Alec the freshmen has a tendency to interrupt any type of studying going on in the hall. He's out going and friendly, but doesn't know when to stop. He introduced the girls to Adrian and likes to play the role of big brother, watching out for the girls.
Birthday: April 16
Age: 19
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

Angel is our main character. We enter into her life about half way through her sophomore year in college. She lives with Artemis, her bestfriend, and her son, Brady in a college apartment.
Inside her head is a small bug who apparently holds up flash cards to help her make big decisions. Why? Because that's a running joke on how Angel the creator actually thinks.
Birthday: May 13
Age: 19
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray

Artemis is Angel's bestfriend who lives in the same complex as her. She's recently had a harsh break-up. How does she cope? By trying to set Angel up with a Ferret...
Birthday: April 10
Age: 19
Eyes: Red
Hair: Auburn

Brady is Angel's son. With mom and dad he's a perfect angel but Artemis may have a reason for calling him "Monster." His cute eyes can't hide anything from Alec either, both know Brady's true personality. Where did his devil come from when his mother's name is Angel? Artemis blames Zache.
Birthday: August 2
Age: 2
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey

Fred is well...Fred. She's the most random of the group, and you never really know what's going to come out of her mouth next. She lives with Lady and Mel.
Birthday: February 18
Age: 20
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black
"Blue is a color!"
"If You need a guarantee buy a toaster"

Garret or Jimmy as he likes to be called is a friend of Skeeter's from the U (another sort of local college). Unlike the other cast members he is a white albino ferret. We'll learn more about him shortly. He seems to enjoy Angel's company, moreso than Artemis would like. He's got a hard past, which we'll learn about shortly.
Birthday: Oct. 21st Age: 21
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Silver

Lady is a Sophomore and one of the older main characters. She lives on the same floor as Angel and she rooms with Mel and Fred. She's got a "slight" crush on Skeeter.
Birthday: August 17
Age: 20
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black/Dark gray

Mel aka Melissa is a Sophomore and she lives with Lady and the random girl down the hall aka Fred. She's taken an interest in Adrian and she loves video games.
Birthday: February 17
Age: 19
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red or something close to it.

Rance is actually Fred's fraternal Twin brother. Who does he happen to be living with at the apartments but our very own Adrian. He really seems to like Artemis and decided he would do anything to have one date with her, and we mean anything!
Age: 20
Eyes: green
Hair: Dark brown
Birthday: February 18th

Skeeter is one of the guys on campus that everybody knows. He's a good guy and cares for every one.
Lady's got a pretty good crush going on him, but if he likes her the same way is really anyone's guess.
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 20
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde

Tovi likes videogames, or more importantly he is obsessed with them. Rance and he tend to get absorbed into trying to beat each other and...never sleep because of it. He's just your average guy, kinda poofy, but average.
Age: 20
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Sandy blonde
Birthday: July 22nd

Zache is the father of Angel's child. He sometimes come off as one of the good guys but he's not really. Angel's got some secrets about him that only Artemis knows about, and hopefully will stay that way.
Birthday: June 22
Age: 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown